Colour Vibrations - the Healing Potential of Colour - Manchester

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Title: Colour Vibrations - the Healing Potential of Colour
City: Manchester
Category: Events

Date: Tues 4th March 2008 - 10 am to 4 pm
Conducted by: Amanda Lyons
Location: Body & Mind Therapy Centre, 16 Arundel St, Mossley, Lancs, OL5 0LS
Tel.No.:01457 835491
Price: £60.00 per person
Description: We know that each colour has it\'s own vibrational frequency - but can colours have an effect on our moods, energy levels and even our health? If so, how can we use this information to benefit our lives and our health? Learn more on this fascinating workshop!

The aura is often described as an oval or egg shaped globe of light energy extending from and surrounding our bodies. The light energy vibrates at such a high frequency that it is difficult for our eyes to see them, but not impossible! With practice we can train our eyes to see auras and when we do so we can perceive many intensely beautiful rays of colour. Therefore we can say that our energy field (that bathes each individual cell before extending outwards beyond our body) is saturated with colour. Indeed, we have such a strong connection to colour that the colours within out environment can greatly affect our mood, our energy levels and even our health.

Some colours accentuate and improve the colours of our aura having a positive effect on us, whilst others greatly diminish or clash with auric colours thus having a negative effect. If we can't see our own aura how can we know which colours to embrace and which to avoid?

The Colour Vibrations workshop will empower you with the knowledge of the language of colours, show you how to discover your own ground colour using dowsing and Chaldean numerology, and explore the healing potential of colour. Guided visualisations and a rainbow breathing exercise will give you an instant experience of how wonderfully soothing, relaxing and re-energising colours can be.


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