Aura Awareness & More - Day Workshop - Manchester

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Title: Aura Awareness & More - Day Workshop
City: Manchester
Category: Events

Date: 5th February 2008 - 10 am to 4 pm
Conducted by: Amanda Lyons
Location: Body & Mind Therapy Centre, 16 Arundel St, Mossley, Lancs, OL5 0LS
Tel. No.: #
Price: £60.00 per person
Description: What is the aura?

Can we influence or manipulate our own field of energy to bring about physical benefits?

This fascinating one-day workshop is a wonderful introduction for anyone interested in using their innate source of energy to its full potential and opens the doors to learing about caring for the energy systems of the body

The majority of us now have fairly good knowledge on keeping our bodies and minds healthy. We know the importance of having a good balanced diet, a high intake of water, we know we need to sleep well, exercise regularly and are even aware of the availability of therapies such as counselling and psychotherapy to help us through trauma's and maintain psychological and emotional health.

How about energy awareness though? Thanks to modern scientific research in the fields of quantum physics and bio-resonance photography, the existance of the previously elusive aura has been proven beyond doubt - but how does this knowledge help us in our everyday life?

Are you aware we each have an aura as an extension of our bodies, an invisible (to most) energy field that holds information, projects and receives subtle energies, responds immediately to our surroundings and to how we are feeling at any given moment? Are you aware that our auras are susceptible to stress, pick up other people's negative energy, and require regular cleansing in order to keep our levels of energetic health at its optimum? The health of the aura greatly affects our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. By becoming aware of your aura and learning about the kind of information it holds and how to cleanse it and re-energise it, you will greatly improve your over all health and ability to improve yourselves and your life.


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