Pathways to Power - Week 1 - Manchester

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Title: Pathways to Power - Week 1
City: Manchester
Category: Events

Date: Sunday 3rd Feb 07 / 10.30 - 4.00 pm
Conducted by: Amanda Lyons
Location: Body & Mind Therapy Centre, 16 Arundel St, Mossley, Lancs, OL5 0LS
Price: £50.00 per person
Description: Pathways to Power is a three week course designed to assist people of any age to reconnect with their inner power and wisdom. Pathways to Power is an incredibly powerful course constructed specifically to enable you to step onto a self-development path in a safe environment and with the full knowledge that you will be supported along the way. You will explore your own personal blocks to success and discover your innate qualities, learn to change negative thoughts into positive affirmations, delve into your emotions and their influence on your health and re-establish your connection to your own inner wisdom and intuition. Prepare to change your perspective on who you are and what you are capable of!

Path 1 - Exploration into blocks to progress and removal of such blocks

£50 per day or £120.00 for the 3 week course.

Sunday 3rd Feb 08/ 10.30-4.00

Sunday 17th Feb 08 / 10.30-4.00

Sunday 2nd March 08 / 10.30-4.00


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