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Title: Complete Breath Calm Mind (4 week course)
City: Manchester
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Date: Friday 1st Feb 2008 / 6.30 - 8.00 pm
Conducted by: Amanda Lyons
Location: Body & Mind Therapy Centre, 16 Arundel St, Mossley, Ashton under lyne, Lancs
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Price: £40.00 per person
Description: Meditation is a wonderful way of managing stress levels. The benefits are many including symptoms association with high levels of stress. Now you can learn how to meditate and find a tranquil place within yourself. The course is held over 4 weeks to allow you to develop your meditation skills with guidance and the opportunity for feedback and ask any questions you may have from practising meditation yourself.

In such a fast moving world where the tempo is high and time is treated as a commodity, it is easy to get caught in the turbulence. To be in the turbulence creates tension and a sense of loss of control leading to anxiety and a situation where we a more liable to react with our emotions as opposed to responding appropriately and calmly with clear thought. As our emotions and our breath are entwined with one another, and our state of mind enmeshed with both breath and emotions, being aware of our breath and using exercises to quiet our breathing automatically quietens our emotions. With quiet breath and calm emotions our mind is able to relax and with the aid of meditation we are able to regain and sense of stillness.

Complete Breath Calm Mind is a four week course introducing a variety of breathing exercises and meditation tools explaining the physiological and psychological benefits of the exercises and their source of origin. The range of exercises makes this course suitable for both beginners and experienced alike, assisting all participants to find the stillness within the centre of the hurricane and remain there throughout their daily life.


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