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Username: ferbrazil
Title: Personal Training+Massage Therapist services
City: London
Category: Sport

My name is Fernando Oliveira, 32 years old with Degree in physical Education at UFSC/University Brazil and Personal Training and Sports Massage Theraphy course at PREMIER school, Untied Kingdom( the best fitness school and the top fitness course). So I am a licensed Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist. I am also a certified personal trainer from ECITS, NYC USA.
I give lessons of Personal Trainer/ massage Therapist/Personal Trainer+Massage Therapist.
I speak english, spanish, portuguese and I understand italian.
My rates are:
Personal Trainer services
3xweek 23 pounds
4xweek 21 pounds
5xweek 20 pounds
Massage Therapist services
30 minutes 20 pounds
1 hour 35 pounds
Personal Training+Massage Therapist services
3xweek 40 pounds
4xweek 35 pounds
5xweek 30 pounds

Give to yourself an opportunity to be HAPPY!!!

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