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Title: 75 L Fishermans And Enviromentalist Wormery
City: belfast
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(The best size for ensuring the compost is turned over quickly)

Don't spend a fortune on extras, our wormerys comes complete with comprehensive instructions.
If you do require any additional information we offer an online help service.Fisherman will never have to buy expensive worms again - As you will grow your own worms!

Composting is environmentally friendly about 60% of all household waste is organic, so recycling this waste will help reduce the volume of waste in British landfills and waste-disposal lorries on the roads. In 2004, WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) launched a Home Composting Campaign. The aim is to get a million Britons composting at home, thus diverting 400,000 tonnes of waste from landfill.

Compost your own kitchen waste and vaccum dust? our wormerys make fabulous worm casting compost,you will not get any better compost for your vegetables and flowers and its easy maintenance, just put your vegetable peelings, vacuum cleaner dust, cardboard, paper, rice egg shells and loads of other rubbish, which would normally be thrown away.

This is 75 litre three tired compost bin, and is great for kids to learn and 'go green'. The bottom tray will fill with liquid over a period of time and provide you with premuim plant food liquid, which I consider to better than most of the products on the market.

The wormery consists of :-

Three 25 litre plastic wormery bins Dimensions 45cm length x 25cm depth x 40cm width (More than three bins are not necessary has you rotate them - but if you feel the need for a forth they are additionally priced at £4.99)

Plenty of meduim sized Dendra worms, to keep your wormery active (they eat half their own body weight and breed like crazy).
Some worm eggs, which will hatch after arrival.

Worm Bedding

Insructions on keeping your worms happy and productive.

Worm food (to get the little creatures started and happy).
On line help.

Why buy a Wormery?

Buying a wormery will be one of the best investments you could ever purchase for your vegetable patch, houseplants or garden flowers. The worm casting compost is a fantastic growing medium and the leachate is a liquid fertilizer whch, in our opinion, is better than any tomato feed, (use 9 parts water to 1 part feed).

Wormerys are clean and odourless (due to the rapid digestion process). Fishermen love these worms because they wiggle more than some of the other worms are available on the market. If you are a keen angler there is nothing more satisfying than growing your own bait. As dendra worms are expensive to buy, but inexpensive to breed.

Dendrobaena Worms?

Your worms will breed very quickly; they double their population within 80 days (if their environment is correct) so therefore you will not need to buy any more worms. You will soon start to see yellow / green coloured round eggs buried in your wormery. If you look carefully after 2 weeks of being laid (when the egg becomes darker brown) you will see a little white worm growing inside the egg. he little critter will hatch after approx three weeks of being laid.Dendrobaena worms are a striped worm with a voracious appetite. They can eat half their body weight of waste a day. The natural habitat for this specie of worm is a woodland floor where they naturally in the leaf litter on or just below the surface. This makes them ideal for a domestic wormery, unlike the earthworms in your garden, which are deep burrowing. Do not mix different species of worms together, as this does not bode well for an efficient and successful wormery. Dendrobaena Worms are also beneficial because they work quickly nature's fastest composters.

Your wormery should not be allowed to become too hot or too cold but don't be put off, as strict temperature control is unnecessary. Keep in mind that worms are most active between about 10 to 30 degrees C (that's 50 to 85 degrees F).

In the summer, it's best to move your wormery into partial shade; worms will die if they become too hot. However, worm activity increases in warm weather. If the compost becomes dry, sprinkle or spray some water over the compost; don't drench it, but some excess water won't harm, it will run through and increase your supply of liquid fertiliser

In the winter, the worms become fairly inactive below a few degrees C; you could move your wormery close to the house, into a shed or garage or cover it with a blanket. It is very important that the wormery is protected from frost as ths could kill your worms.

Ensure your worms have oxygen by supplying plenty of bedding and turn your wormery on a weekly basis.

Even if you go away on holiday, you don't have to get family or friends in to feed the worms! It's a good idea to make sure the wormery is in the shade if it's summer, or protected from frost if it's winter.

How do I get my wormery off to the best start?

Simple do not overfeed, and turn your wormery once a week to get some air in.

Now, it can't get simpler than that!

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