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Username: zappersuk
Title: Rat Zapper - Electronic rat trap
City: UK
Category: Home and garden


This brand new Rat Zapper is the perfect solution to any domestic or commercial rodent problem.

Easy to operate Place the bait at the back of the unit & turn on the power.

When the rat enters and steps on the electric plate a high voltage charge is delivered.

Red Indicator light flashes when it needs emptying.

The Rat Zapper is more effective than snap traps and other methods.

The original Rat Zapper does not come with a mains power adapter. This is a modified unit which allows an adapter to be used.

The supplied mains adapter means the unit can provide unlimited kills!

It can be placed in remote locations such as loft spaces and outside store rooms with its alternative
battery power supply. 4 AA Energizer batteries last for 3 months or 30 kills.

It can also be placed outdoors if sheltered from rain by placing in a plastic tube which is closed at one end.
The battery compartment at the top of the unit must not be allowed to get wet, however the bottom of the unit is washable.

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